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The City Museum is located in a privileged place, next to the Agustinas Convent, the Museum of Bullfighting, the Salzillo Museum, the Regional Center for Handicrafts and the Salitre Park, and very close to the church of Pasos de Santiago, the church of San Miguel and the Palace of San Esteban. It is a very lively area, close to the commercial area of ​​Murcia and its historic center, in which the neighborhood atmosphere is still preserved. In fact, it is located between the old neighborhoods of San Antón and San Andrés and very close to the lively streets of Santa Teresa, San Nicolás and Sagasta.


According to ICOM -International Council of Museums-, "a museum is a non-profit, permanent institution in the service of society and its development, open to the public, which acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity and its environment for the purposes of education, study and enjoyment".


The City Museum's main objectives are the dissemination of Murcia's cultural heritage with a journey through history, tangible and intangible heritage, art, crafts and ethnography in its most varied manifestations. Original works, models and reproductions are distributed through its rooms in a chronological sense, and show the essence of the city and its municipal area.


Along with the guided tours for schoolchildren, associations and individuals, the City Museum organizes events, conferences, concerts, temporary exhibitions and workshops for people of all ages. In addition, the Museum carries out a continuous research process to expand and complete the contents of its permanent collection.


The City Museum has filled its website with content, which it always keeps up to date, and also uses social networks to communicate with its public: you can follow the Museum on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with its activities and events.


The City Museum aims to be the first step towards a deeper knowledge of Murcia, inviting the visitor to walk through its streets and squares, to contemplate its monuments and museums and to discover all its heritage and cultural wealth.


Our facilities

The different areas of the City Museum are distributed among its three floors: the ground floor has a room for temporary exhibitions; an small exhibition spot called ‘Today we show’, where a work or relevant event in the history of Murcia is highlighted for a short period of time; a room for the permanent collection and an assembly hall with capacity for 50 people.


At the back of the Museum there is a small courtyard and a garden inspired by the muslim tradition, irrigated by the waters of the Caravija canal. In this courtyard various events organised by the Museum take place: concerts, poetry recitals, workshops...


On the first floor, where the permanent collection continues, there is a room dedicated to medieval archeology. The discursive development of the museum concludes on the second floor, where the offices dedicated to the administration are also located.

The Museum of the City is an accessible museum: it has an elevator, a ramp, a toilet adapted for the physically disabled, and information in 'Braille' for the blind.



The museum can incorporate to its funds donations linked to the heritage of Murcia, from individuals, entities and institutions. The objects and documents that constitute the donations will be registered, classified and documented according to their nature and characteristics, and will be located in the museum's funds, or will be exhibited in the museum's rooms according to technical criteria. If you want to contribute to the preservation, conservation and dissemination of materials related to the history of the city, you can send us an email indicating your donation proposal to



Down here you can see and download the brochure of the Museum in English.

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